Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Why precast home is worth the extra expense

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Why precast home is worth the extra expense

Fluctuating property prices are a concern for all post the demonetization. Home owners are still skeptic about booking new custom homes for them, as there are various factors to take into consideration. With the changing time, home buyers are realizing the significance of owning an additional home. It would help them during such uncertain periods of cash-less-ness where buying a house becomes very critical, as sudden purchase of a new dwelling would not go in their favor.
With the help of property consultants home owners can crack a lucrative deal without crossing their estimated cost. The costs of these precast homes keep altering because of the various factors which decide their market price.

There is no standard cost for a custom home, it keeps changing with the location, amenities, kind of technology used to construct it and other luxuries offered with the house.  When we have designer homes and outdoor living options the custom homes become more expensive. Home builders choose new options to accommodate their personal needs.

Here we feature some of the points which tell the reason behind the extra cost of precast homes


Precast structures are sturdy and durable than their counterparts. It helps them last longer, standing tall against natural calamities. Hence the high cost is totally justified.

Insulated and safe

The porous structure of these AAC blocks makes them resistant to moisture. As a result the prefab homes are insulated from the harsh climatic conditions of the outdoors. They keep your house and you safe.

Quick to construct

The construction time is less than the traditional homes, so there need to be no compromise in quality. Like everything else prefab homes are bit expensive due to these quality constraints.

Environment friendly

Popular turnkey solutions provider companies offer expertly done eco-friendly lifestyle homes to home owners. When you explain the builders the exact requirements they would offer you the best. Precast homes involve construction technology, which is eco-friendly. They are made of fly ash (a waste from coal power plants), which otherwise is a dangerous air pollutant. Using them as raw materials of precast structures prevents air pollution, lowers carbon footprint.

Better design option

Custom home builders provide diverse range of designs according to the home owners’ choice. The home owners get attracted to lifestyle products such as appliances, themed houses, lavish baths promoted by the builders. The exclusive designs with attractive amenities are worth the extra pennies you count to the builder. The prices would certainly surge up when you want to flaunt your taste in interiors with elegantly done guestrooms and lavish bathroom.

Energy efficient

These precast homes can come with solar panel fitted roofs which would help you generate and conserve electricity. With these additional features, the cost would sure to move north and add up to your home building expenses. Though, it’s a challenging task to offer cheap eco-friendly homes to their buyers, turnkey solution providers offer low cost housing solutions to home owners under various Government schemes.

Conserves water

These precast homes also come up with underground ductwork which helps the home owner to retrieve used water from the bathrooms, laundry, and kitchens and irrigate the landscapes and kitchen gardens. It helps to recycle water along with a rain water harvesting system. As there is less amount of water used for construction work, because prefab structures are made at factory and are assembled onsite, the construction process also saves water.

Prefab houses are pricey because they offer that edge over traditionally built houses. Every penny you count brings something extra for you.

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