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How a Prefab home differs from a conventional home

Prefab homes

Prefab homes Vs. Conventional home construction

Home building technologies are evolving with time. Starting from the early 1900s till date precast has also morphed into a better and lighter version. The need to make a house has made people realise the options available in the market for the same. A quick comparison between conventional and prefab homes is good to take the best decision in house building.


To make a house which is eco-friendly, prefab construction is the best way so far. These technologically built masonry are good to transport, less pollute the environment. Involve light material to build the house and produces less waste.

In a conventional home, the brick kilns combust coal or wood to bake the bricks of mud. It pollutes the air and leaves waste as well. The bricks break while transporting to the construction site. During construction the cement and sand mixing pollutes the area, which needs extra time and man power to clean.

No carbon footprint

Conventional construction needs a lot of packing to ship the cement, and other raw materials. It leaves carbon footprint. It involves cement that pollutes the atmosphere and the machines that mix the concrete also emit harmful gas that increases the air pollution.

There is no carbon footprint as less pollution occurs to build prefab homes. The precast materials need no packaging; it saves extra packaging which might involve polythene or paper. Making paper or polythene also increases carbon footprint.


Conventional homes are built on heavy foundation, which shifts downwards with time, as the load of the house increases with floors. The brick walls are heavy and the roofs are also the same, which results in optimum load to the foundation. It makes the house less durable.

Prefab custom homes are built upon foundations which are specially poured and bound with piling technique. The load is equally distributed across the foundation. These are deep foundations that stand tall against natural factors. The walls are built with prefab panels which are light weight.

Less time to build

A conventional house takes few months to some years in order to complete the entire process of house building. As the foundation needs time to dry and set, the walls need the same as well as the roof. They require more manpower.

Precast homes can be built just within 40 days to 150 days time, depending upon the size of the house and number of floors. In just 150 days a home owner can get a complete home (finished and painted).


For prefab custom homes the home construction costs are high during construction, as precast is bit pricy than the raw masonry used for conventional housing; but, considering the future maintenance aspect prefab is considered to be the best option.

Conventional home construction cost is less at the building time, but increases when the future maintenance is involved.

Safe and weather resistant

A conventional house is prone to the environmental factors such as rain, snow and storms. Flood, cyclones and hurricanes can affect the traditional houses badly.

In case of precast homes the walls are built of weather insulated materials. The outside snow or cold can’t affect the indoors, which is a great money saver for you. It lowers the need of an HVAC system and minimizes the electricity bills as well.

Prefab homes are indeed the most efficient choice in building a modern home, without bothering about the longevity or sustainability of the house.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Why precast home is worth the extra expense

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Why precast home is worth the extra expense

Fluctuating property prices are a concern for all post the demonetization. Home owners are still skeptic about booking new custom homes for them, as there are various factors to take into consideration. With the changing time, home buyers are realizing the significance of owning an additional home. It would help them during such uncertain periods of cash-less-ness where buying a house becomes very critical, as sudden purchase of a new dwelling would not go in their favor.
With the help of property consultants home owners can crack a lucrative deal without crossing their estimated cost. The costs of these precast homes keep altering because of the various factors which decide their market price.

There is no standard cost for a custom home, it keeps changing with the location, amenities, kind of technology used to construct it and other luxuries offered with the house.  When we have designer homes and outdoor living options the custom homes become more expensive. Home builders choose new options to accommodate their personal needs.

Here we feature some of the points which tell the reason behind the extra cost of precast homes


Precast structures are sturdy and durable than their counterparts. It helps them last longer, standing tall against natural calamities. Hence the high cost is totally justified.

Insulated and safe

The porous structure of these AAC blocks makes them resistant to moisture. As a result the prefab homes are insulated from the harsh climatic conditions of the outdoors. They keep your house and you safe.

Quick to construct

The construction time is less than the traditional homes, so there need to be no compromise in quality. Like everything else prefab homes are bit expensive due to these quality constraints.

Environment friendly

Popular turnkey solutions provider companies offer expertly done eco-friendly lifestyle homes to home owners. When you explain the builders the exact requirements they would offer you the best. Precast homes involve construction technology, which is eco-friendly. They are made of fly ash (a waste from coal power plants), which otherwise is a dangerous air pollutant. Using them as raw materials of precast structures prevents air pollution, lowers carbon footprint.

Better design option

Custom home builders provide diverse range of designs according to the home owners’ choice. The home owners get attracted to lifestyle products such as appliances, themed houses, lavish baths promoted by the builders. The exclusive designs with attractive amenities are worth the extra pennies you count to the builder. The prices would certainly surge up when you want to flaunt your taste in interiors with elegantly done guestrooms and lavish bathroom.

Energy efficient

These precast homes can come with solar panel fitted roofs which would help you generate and conserve electricity. With these additional features, the cost would sure to move north and add up to your home building expenses. Though, it’s a challenging task to offer cheap eco-friendly homes to their buyers, turnkey solution providers offer low cost housing solutions to home owners under various Government schemes.

Conserves water

These precast homes also come up with underground ductwork which helps the home owner to retrieve used water from the bathrooms, laundry, and kitchens and irrigate the landscapes and kitchen gardens. It helps to recycle water along with a rain water harvesting system. As there is less amount of water used for construction work, because prefab structures are made at factory and are assembled onsite, the construction process also saves water.

Prefab houses are pricey because they offer that edge over traditionally built houses. Every penny you count brings something extra for you.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Time is money and delaying your homebuilder can cost you

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Save money – do not delay your home builders
In every aspect of life time is highly valued, sometimes even more than money. This thing goes true for acquiring your new home as well. Every person has a wish to buy or build a nest for their family for a comfortable living and retire at the end of the day to block the chaos of life. It is true that it is not always possible for people to purchase or build or house with the full amount being in hand. In situations like that financing organizations as well as banks come as the saviors.
For having a hassle free new home (without the future trouble) we are going to list some helpful points here.
You need to take into account how much you can pay for the loan. Your capacity for paying off the debt weighs highly on the time you would take to settle it. With a regular salary, you won’t be able to buy a new home straight away – after family expenses, future savings and other utilities, there won’t be enough left to buy a home. Before purchasing or buying a house evaluate your account so that you can know whether there is enough savings to accommodate a new home purchase.
Home building
Save money  
Banks and financing companies offer financial help to great extents, and allow you to pay the loan in easy installments. During the initial phase the EMI (easy monthly installment) may be a viable option, but once the house construction is complete, try to repay the loan in less amount of time. The more time you take the higher the interest rate goes. Apart from that make sure that you are paying the home builder on time, otherwise they may incur charges of late payment and badly ruin your finances.
Most of the leading banks of India offer financial assistance in the form of housing loans, so that you can avail the additional services of the banks and build or purchase your dream home. With a home building loan you can get help at the right time and save the high rate of interest money that you would have paid to a private (individual) lender. Property buying requires huge amount of money and a housing loan is certainly a good idea. You get the flexibility to pay the loan within a longer time span rather than paying outright cash. Though the banks may charge a reasonable interest rate and processing fee as well, which are much better than an individual lender can offer you.
After acquiring the new home pay the amortization regularly for avoiding late payment fees and other penalties as well. Paying on time would help you minimize the overall cost of your home and help you draft a specific budget for your house in a monthly basis (it is directly related to the loan amount). Keeping in touch with the loan agent from the lending bank is essential; they would keep you updated about how much is left for the loan to get over. Though, banks send notice for paying the EMIs, there is no harm in being in contact with these agents.
Sweet Home
Once you have saved enough during the loan period, ask the bank if you can pay the remaining amount at a go. As we all know longer period of time means more money paid to the bank as interest, there should be flexi option to close the loan when you have adequate money to pay the remainder in full. For the long months of payment this small interest amount would accumulate and become a significant one, so paying on time and paying before time would be a great idea for saving money in the long run.
Summary: Time is the most valuable thing in every aspect of life, be it building a home or starting your dream business. When you delay your house building the costs start to rise and pile up on you disrupting the finances.


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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

How to find the right builder for new house

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5 ways to hire the right builder
Owning a dream house is in everyone’s ‘to-do’ list. Sometimes people get carried away and do not pay heed while choosing the right builders and end up disappointed. A home is your security net after retirement or as an investment. Choosing the right builders for your new home would require focusing on some important aspects and reap the benefits in the long run.
Here are five quick notes to make sure you hire the right builders for constructing your new home:
  1. Reputed name in the locality
Property builders, both new and old, would always insist that their plans are the most suitable ones for your home. Here you are the one to take the final call. Check if the construction company is a reputed one in your locality. To grab a cheaper deal, never opt for an unknown name in the construction industry. It might gravely impact your finances.
  1. Considerable the amount of experience
Now that you have spotted few of the builders in your locality with a good repute, get in-depth knowledge about the market. Inquire about their experience in the construction business as well as the kind of projects they have done. The more reputed their clients are, the higher are  the chances of dependability and credibility to their work. For residential houses, ask them for references and if possible pay a visit to their ex-clientele and see the quality of work done. It helps you in understanding how they would visualize your dream home’s design and give it a shape.
  1. Flexible to follow your design
While focusing on the reliability of the builder, ensure that they are flexible enough to follow your home design rather than imposing their own ideas and designs. No one understands you and your family’s requirements better than you. Explaining what kind of home you want and which room would suit which member of the family, is your responsibility that you need to convey to the builder. Ask if they implement modern technologies like prefab homes in case you want to build your house at the earliest.

designers of buildmyghar
  1. Efficient to get quality material for cheap
The housing contractor may purchase building materials that are expensive than your budget. In this case, you need to keep an eye that the home builder is buying the right material for a cheaper rate without exceeding your budget. This way you can invest more time in other important facets of home building.

Efficient to get quality material for cheap
  1. Authorized by the local Government building authority
Last but not the least, check out if the contractor is authorized to carry out construction work in your locality. Otherwise, the government authorities might ban them from working on your new house and it would jeopardize the construction and delay it.

Authorized by the local Government building authority
Home construction is a tactful and tedious job. In order to make life easy, people nowadays prefer buying ready-to-move-in houses. But, companies like BuildMyGhar are changing the game altogether with modern and innovative building technologies. With our prefab home solutions, we are rapidly moving ahead of the competition to gain more customers in the housing sector. Buyers are keenly approaching us to experience our modular home building solutions, where we install prefabricated units to construct a house without any delay. This exercise doesn’t take more than 90 days.


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