Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Time is money and delaying your homebuilder can cost you

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Save money – do not delay your home builders
In every aspect of life time is highly valued, sometimes even more than money. This thing goes true for acquiring your new home as well. Every person has a wish to buy or build a nest for their family for a comfortable living and retire at the end of the day to block the chaos of life. It is true that it is not always possible for people to purchase or build or house with the full amount being in hand. In situations like that financing organizations as well as banks come as the saviors.
For having a hassle free new home (without the future trouble) we are going to list some helpful points here.
You need to take into account how much you can pay for the loan. Your capacity for paying off the debt weighs highly on the time you would take to settle it. With a regular salary, you won’t be able to buy a new home straight away – after family expenses, future savings and other utilities, there won’t be enough left to buy a home. Before purchasing or buying a house evaluate your account so that you can know whether there is enough savings to accommodate a new home purchase.
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Save money  
Banks and financing companies offer financial help to great extents, and allow you to pay the loan in easy installments. During the initial phase the EMI (easy monthly installment) may be a viable option, but once the house construction is complete, try to repay the loan in less amount of time. The more time you take the higher the interest rate goes. Apart from that make sure that you are paying the home builder on time, otherwise they may incur charges of late payment and badly ruin your finances.
Most of the leading banks of India offer financial assistance in the form of housing loans, so that you can avail the additional services of the banks and build or purchase your dream home. With a home building loan you can get help at the right time and save the high rate of interest money that you would have paid to a private (individual) lender. Property buying requires huge amount of money and a housing loan is certainly a good idea. You get the flexibility to pay the loan within a longer time span rather than paying outright cash. Though the banks may charge a reasonable interest rate and processing fee as well, which are much better than an individual lender can offer you.
After acquiring the new home pay the amortization regularly for avoiding late payment fees and other penalties as well. Paying on time would help you minimize the overall cost of your home and help you draft a specific budget for your house in a monthly basis (it is directly related to the loan amount). Keeping in touch with the loan agent from the lending bank is essential; they would keep you updated about how much is left for the loan to get over. Though, banks send notice for paying the EMIs, there is no harm in being in contact with these agents.
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Once you have saved enough during the loan period, ask the bank if you can pay the remaining amount at a go. As we all know longer period of time means more money paid to the bank as interest, there should be flexi option to close the loan when you have adequate money to pay the remainder in full. For the long months of payment this small interest amount would accumulate and become a significant one, so paying on time and paying before time would be a great idea for saving money in the long run.
Summary: Time is the most valuable thing in every aspect of life, be it building a home or starting your dream business. When you delay your house building the costs start to rise and pile up on you disrupting the finances.


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